Monday, October 20, 2014

Share the Spirit of Diwali.. Vizag needs YOU

Hi friends,

A small gesture can go a long way in reducing someone's pain. Can we do something to lessen the pain of our brothers in Vizag? Vizag needs us..Our support and our helping hands...

Perfect initiative by SS Rajamouli garu.. Truly thoughtful... Was really touched by this video  Must watch..

Sriram Mallik Mocherla.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Visit to Vizag(my hometown) after HUDHUD

Hello people,

Hope everyone's doing well there.. Finally I've reached Visakhapatnam a couple of days back with a lot of difficulty. Boarded a bus to travel between my place and my hometown. It took four long hours to travel and the journey was quite tiresome with mixed emotions.

It made my heart heavy while entering the outskirts of my home town because there isnt any tree left with complete branches and leaves.. The so called GREEN CITY turned into a desert like place which made my eyes filled with tears. Buildings were damaged, trees and current poles were uprooted. But salute to our Chief Minister, Shri Chandra Babu Naidu garu who made impossible things possible. There was electricity restored in few places. People came out of their houses and started exploring the neighborhood. Airport and shopping malls were completely withered with the wind. I believe its the first city in India to be completely washed away with a single cyclone.

By the time I've reached my house, there was no electricity. My parents were having their dinner in the light of candles. With a heavy heart and provisions & vegetables in hand(which I've purchased to share with my neighbors) I've got in and found that there was no water to refresh. Took few empty buckets and walked to the next street and used the HAND-BORE pump line to get water for our daily usage. The very next day, workers team from Kurnool, a place in andhrapradesh have come to restore the electricity. After two days of continuous struggle, they've succeeded in restoring electricity at my place however on a condition that its provided between 9pm to 9am everyday.

And as of today, we've managed to clean the area successfully. We removed the uprooted trees, cut wires on the ground, debris all around in our entire area and made it neat. In the coming days we are planning to plant small trees in the entire city, starting from my area.

Hope you people pray for us because your prayers and best wishes will make us stronger and rebuild our hometown to a better condition.

With best regards,
Sriram Mallik Mocherla.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

HUDHUD Cyclone - Lets rebuild Vizag - Donations & Contribution details

Hi friends, Hope you must be knowing about HUDHUD cyclone which has left enormous damage at my place, Visakhapatnam which is so called GREEN CITY and THE CITY OF DESTINY in India. Visakhapatnam is promised to be a SMART CITY and was approved to be one by the American Govt very recently however the recent cyclone has completely devastated the beauty of the city. Thousands of families have become homeless,without food and its been four days now, electricity hasnt been restored yet..Communication has completely been shutdown and hasnt been restored yet. Property damage of about $70,000 crores is likely to be reported by the Govt officials. No proper availability of food, Electricity, milk for children, petrol and diesel for vehicles, basic commodities for household purposes and no proper availability of water as well is the current situation at Vizag.
Officials put estimated loss to AP due to Hudhud at Rs 70 thousand crores. Navy alone has lost 2000 crores. Around 1 lakh tonnes of fertilizers stored at Vizag Port has been estimated to be washed away. 1000 crores loss estimated in Small and Medium industries in Vizag. Poultry industry in North andhra pradesh has taken a hit, around 25 lakh chicken are estimated to be killed,and the estimated loss could be around 125-200 crores. 200 crores loss estimated to Vizag Port. Airport has been completely destroyed by the cyclone. The Crude Oil Importing Jetty in Vizag's Inner Harbor, too has been damaged, loss estimated to be around 100 crores. Here is the link for the portal started by the Govt : Check out pictures on facebook page :
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has started a HUDHUD CYCLONE RELIEF FUND and requested all the funds to be transferred into this account. He assured that these funds would be used effectively for rebuilding the City again. I humbly request you to donate/contribute as per your capabilities to Chief Minister relief fund, Andhra Pradesh,as much as you can. Our state needs our help "to come out of this HUD HUD cyclone effect".
To donate for Cyclone relief, you can transfer funds to 
 State Bank of India
Account No : 33913634404. 
 Branch name: Gowliguda, Hyderabad. 
IFSC Code: SBIN0002724 
 Request you to please share this post so that the needful get some helping hand. Posted by AP CM : 

For international donations here are the details : 
 HDFC bank 
 Branch Name: HITEC CITY 
 IFSC code: HDFC0000545 
Account No : 05451610525951 
 Email : paypal
Please do contribute to your best and help us in building a better Visakhapatnam(VIZAG).
 With best regards,
Sriram Mallik Mocherla.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcome to our new admin

Hello there,
 Its been a very long time since I've updated anything on our blog.. Reasons might be many like hectic schedule at work, my relocation to a new place due to work, no availability of internet etc. So I felt its time I take a step to re-start our blog with a new DOMAIN NAME and with a NEW ADMIN to share the pleasure of updating the blog.. So lets welcome my younger brother Sai Vittal Mocherla who would be sharing the blog updation along with me going forward. 

Few words about him :

He's an active socialist persuing his Btech 3rd year. He's very much interested in social networking and is also very knowledgeable.

You can write an email to and update his email in CC. We shall be there for you guys to share anything you feel like sharing with us.

Officially will be changed to very soon.

Hope you'd support and encourage us like the way you always did.

Thanks and best regards,
Sriram Mallik Mocherla.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Women Protection Cell-Andhra Pradesh Contact Information.

Hello Friends,

Hope you are doing great today??

Its called "Emergency" because we never know what and when we are gonna be in trouble. Even in 2012-13, I dont think there is

any safety for women or girls in India. All we think is... "aaahh... that can never happen to me..!!" But we also should

pause and ponder. Are we really safe? Step out of your home and from our busy lane to a hi-fi street , there are predators

everywhere. Our state tops in number of eve teasing and rape cases in 2011-12. Before we do something to stop it, lets be

safe ourselves. NERVER EVER think that its NOT gonna be 'your' story. All the victims are the ones among us who never

expected the ill day.. If a girl suspects that anybody is following or observing them from few days, or if any indecent

comments are being passed on her (or her friend) by a gang or a guy, dont just overlook because statistics say that 70% of

men who starts with eve-teasing ends up as rapists or murderers. TAKE ACTION, SAVE YOURSELF!!! Always save emergency contact

numbers in your mobile and assign a handy speed-dial. Have your local police station number with you. or save 100 to your

speed dial.
Its always better to have Women's Protection Cell contact number saved.
A P Womens Protection Cell: 040 23320539.
Dont just neglect if something wrong happens infront of you or with you. If we are not in a position to fight back, we must

atleast be in a position to seek help.
Am leaving this post in public view. Try sharing to as many as possible, it can save a life.. :)

Sriram Mallik.

Letter to the DGP..Source - Deccan Chronicle

Hie Friends,

Here is one wonderful article which I've come across in Deccan Chronicle in the recent times where in one of the highest officials of the police, the DGP himself  passed few comments regarding the ongoing harassment and unstoppable attacks on girls..

He blames that the mistake is entirely with the girls whose dressing sense etc provoke men's thoughts.. Honestly speaking I don't support to whatever he said.. Here is one such person who wrote to the officials with a lot of boldness.. Kudos to her.. Go ahead with the letter...

" Mr. DGP, so you refuse to protect me if I wear a mini-skirt?

Our Honourable DGP, Dinesh Reddy, passed a statement today with reference to the growing number of rapes and atrocities against women saying “It isn't a failure of the police force but the way girls nowadays are dressing" Excuse me, but, since when has dressing sense become a criterion for justice to be delivered?

A 40-year-old man attempted to rape a six year old girl in Vizag. The girl MUST have dressed provocatively at age 6. Parkwood International School’s director is alleged to have raped more than one of his students. Uniform is DEFINITELY inappropriate dressing, I suppose.

More than 50 per cent of rape cases are not urban.

Are you telling us rural women are wearing mini-skirts too? Oh, it’s probably the tribal women you’re talking about, right. A 12-year-old Dalit girl in Vizag was raped twice by her neighbourhood youth but the police, instead of taking action against the culprits, forced her sign a compromise letter in the police station. Did you find her clothing inappropriate, sir?In a desperate attempt to save your force’s face, conceal their incompetence, you decide to tell us that if we get raped, it’s our fault.
Yes, girls dress ‘inappropriately’ at parties at nightclubs. Who issues permissions for these nightclubs, I wonder.

Mumaith Khan decides to shed a little extra piece of clothing in every movie. Who does the censoring, I wonder.

Women in provocative poses in absolutely unrelated advertisement hoardings are seen at most traffic junctions. Who checks on the regulation for these hoardings, I wonder.
If a guy looks at such a hoarding and is driven to molest a college girl at a bus stop, it is the girl’s fault right?

As a matter of fact, Mr.DGP’s statement is an insult to men too. He goes on about “men being provoked”.

Excuse me, sir, but that was a long time ago. An era where men used to be provoked by just 'looking' at the opposite sex. I believe we are civilized now. Much more civilized.

Sadly, sir, you seem to be still be stuck in that era. I beg you to not make men sound like deranged perverts.
What is appropriate dressing, anyway?
As soon as I turn 14, is wearing a skirt going to be deemed inappropriate for me? Maybe we should start imposing bans on all the skinny jeans in malls. Girls in salwar-kameez are NOT harmed ever, right?
I am a girl in the 21st century and I DECIDE what I want to wear. Yes, I dress attractively. Supposing a guy does find me attractive then, does that give the guy a right to go ahead and do anything he wants?
You justify your statement saying even colleges have dress codes these days. Do you mean to impose a dress code on every girl in the state? Guys can walk bare chested. No problem, of course not, right? Lungis are extremely appropriate? I beg to differ, Mr.DGP.
It comes down to this. Women have been vulnerable in the society and continue to be. I wish you and your officers could man up and elevate our position a little bit. Take immediate action against all wrongdoers. Let me not be scared of acid bottles and razors.

Instead, if you tell me you’re going to decide my closet.

Mr.DGP. You could soon wake up to a Slutwalk in front of your house.

- The writer is a 17-year-old girl from Hyderabad."

Sriram Mallik Mocherla.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Combination of text messages..

Friends,love gurinchi random ga ochina msgs and thoughts ni kalipi ila oka chota pettesa... Kasta peddadiga untundi.. Opikaga chadavandi :P

Love begins with a smile...! Endures with happiness...! And dies with a tear...!!
When it hurts to look back and.. I am scared to look ahead...! I just look beside me and...! I know you'll be there...! because we love each other...! Far more than love itself...!! You care for me in all the ways...! I want and need so much...! I have felt your warmth and tenderness with every word and touch...! Your love is the song in my heart...! The sunshine in my sky...! The promise of my world...! The centre of my universe...!! Roses are red...! And sky is blue...! But you don't know...! How much I LOVE U...!! Sometimes you have not even begun to speak, and I am at the end to what you are saying. I Promised my Heart...that this was the last time...! I would hurt it...and you came along...Again I broke a promise...! As long as I have waited....and as long as I know.....that I will wait. I still cant seem to I feel for you. For it was not into my ear you whispered...but my heart...! it was not my feelings you was my soul!! Sometimes I wonder would be like if I never meet you... because one year down the line...I have never loved anybody else... as much as I love you...I love you more than life itself. Only true Love Understands...The Language Of Our Eyes... Only True Love Knows When...These Eyes Hide The Tears... Deep Within And How To...Make These Tears Die!! It takes a minute to have a crush on hour to like someone...! And a day to love someone...! But it takes a lifetime to forget someone...! When your heart bleeds tears. Then you will know it is love...!!! I love my love...but...I know my love doesn't love me. Valentine's day is a wonderful...way to make I Love you easy to say. LOVE IS STRONG...LOVE IS SWEET...! WHEN TWO HEARTS MEET...LOVE IS COMPLETE...!! Life is a 'Flower'...For which Love is the 'Honey'. You are my dear...together we have nothing to fear...! For together we will always be... I'm so lucky if you chose me...! My heart forever will be true...! I think.......I'm in LOVE with you..!!

 God has given us 24 hours to spent a day...! 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work and 8 hours to spent time with our family...! But I spend the 24 hours thinking of you...!! When a person falls in love, He accepts the impossibilities...!!! Shortest word is I. Sweetest word is LOVE. Cutest person is U. If you really love to someone... Then always wait for him / her till sun and moon finish. Love is the answer that every one seeks. Love is the language that every heart speaks. Forgive my eyes for admiring stole my heart...! From the moment you looked at me crazy, call me insane...! Each time my heart calls out your name...!! WHEN LOVE IS NOT MADNESS...IT IS NOT LOVE !!" Nature can forget Roses...And Roses can forget Dew... But, never ever think...That I can forget you...!! Before meeting you I was nothing...! You taught me everything...! Now I have become something...! But I need you and your love in each and in every moment of my life...!! L Before O, And V Before E. That is the relation between U and ME. Misers Love Money...Flowers Love Dew...Bees Love Honey...! As I love You...!! The ring is round...It has no end ...! And My Love for you...will never end...!! Sun shines in the day...Moon shines in the night...! But you shine in my heart every day and night...!! For the world, you are someone...But for someone you are the world...!! L - LOYALTY TOWARDS ONE'S FEELING. O - OUTLIVING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO SOULS. V - VALUABLE GIFT OF GOD. E - EVERGREEN FEELINGS OF ONE'S HEART.

 Some broken hearts never mend...! Some memories never end...! Some tears will never dry...! But my love for you never dies...!! Start the day with love...! Spend the day with love...! Fill the day with love...! That must be the way you love...!! I love dreaming...Because I am being loved in my dreams...!! If one should love...They should love you for what you are...!! Friendship often ends in love, but love in friendship - NEVER...!! Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it...!! "Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules...! Then you must forget the rules and play from your heart...!! Immature Love says: I Love you because I need you. Mature Love says: I need you because I Love you...!! Your love is the song in my heart. The sunshine in my sky. The promise of my world. The centre of my universe...!! Written in pen Sealed with a kiss If you love me, please answer this: Do you love me or do you not? You told me once, but I forgot, so tell me now and tell me true, so I can tell you...I Love You! Of all the girls I've ever met, you are the one I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I'll go to heaven and wait for you. If you are not there by Judgment Day, I'll know you went the other way. I'll give the angels back their wings, and risk the loss of everything. Just to prove my love is true, I'll go to hell, just to be with you..!! What is love without two people in it? What is a world with out people? What am I without you? I love and miss you. The essential sadness is to go through life without loving. But it would be almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you love. If you love something set it free. if it returns it was meant to be. if it does not then it was never yours to begin with. "If a hug represented how much I loved you...! I would hold you in my arms forever...!! We do not love people because they are beautiful, But they seem beautiful to us because we love them...! Love cannot be explained... It can only be experienced...! I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love...!! When you say, "I love you", mean it...!! Believe in love at first sight...!! Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt But it's the only way to live life completely...!! True Love is like ghosts which everyone talks about... but few have seen...!!!! We cant really love anybody, with whom we never laugh. Once U can laugh..U can Love...!! Never Let Love gets the best of you...! But U should always try to get the... BEST OF LOVE...!! If U have the courage to love...! You have the courage to suffer...!!! 

Love is seeing Yourself in someone's eyes And finding yourself in Somebody's heart...!!! Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance.. and you find out.. you still care for the person...!! "LOVE IS....!" LOVE IS WHEN you wake up, she is already on your mind. LOVE IS WHEN you lost your heart, she is all that you can find. LOVE IS WHEN you want to be the one to dry her eyes. LOVE IS WHEN you see the truth in every one of her lies. LOVE IS WHEN you want to listen to all her whims and woes, LOVE IS WHEN you want her to take care everywhere she goes. LOVE IS WHEN she calls you, your heart goes a flutter..... LOVE IS WHEN you see her: "I LOVE HER", you silently shutter. LOVE IS WHEN you tell the world that you love her so. LOVE IS WHEN you have told the world but "SHE" does not know. LOVE IS WHEN your eyes light up when you see her there... LOVE IS ALSO WHEN you hear your heart breaks, when she held hands with "you". LOVE IS ALSO WHEN you crumbled inside when they say it will LAST FOREVER. LOVE IS ALSO WHEN you cry inside yet smile outside when they say "HI" to you. LOVE IS ALSO WHEN you held your breath & said:" How do you do..?" LOVE IS ALSO WHEN you let her know she is happy now. LOVE IS ALSO WHEN you know you will get over her somehow. LOVE IS ALSO WHEN her happiness is what matters to you. LOVE IS ALSO WHEN you let her love him... and not love you true. LOVE IS WHEN you will still love her and still she will never know... LOVE IS WHEN you will swallow the pain and slowly let go... is a funny thing... LOVE IS WHEN you smile when you hear its "her and her" no more... LOVE IS WHEN you hear she sent him through the door. LOVE IS WHEN you try to "BUMP" into her again... LOVE IS WHEN she will say "HI" to you and there is no more pain. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when she says she loves you too. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when her life revolves around you. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when she says, she has always loved you but she didn't dare. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when she says, she always loved you but thought you didn't care. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when now it's all coming true. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when you love her and she loves you...! LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when now your life is nearly complete. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when everyday its her you meet. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when your friends accept her too. LOVE IS SUDDENLY REAL LOVE when you can have time for them and her and you. LOVE is a combination of many splendor things...and a really complex feeling. so when u love someone...just tell her...or'll never know how it'll turn way or the other, tell her before she is gone...tell her before she is taken... 



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